So, You Want to be a Writer?

Are you part of the 81% of Americans who feels they have "a book inside" of them? You probably are, but you may not know where to begin. For only $4.99, download our seven-page So, You Want to be a Writer? tip sheet that will give you the scoop on the publishing industry, self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, and everything in between. This is a quick, go-to guide to get you started toward a successful writing life! 

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Advanced Twitter for Writers

So you’re tweeting . . . now what? Twitter can be a valuable social media platform for writers who want to connect with readers, fellow authors, and of course, publishing professionals. You’ve got the basics down, but do you feel lost among the tweep lingo and hashtags? Don’t worry, it’s #EasyAs123!

Did you know you could use your 280-character limit to pitch to an agent? Or participate in contests that could land you on the pages of an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest magazine? Twitter is abound with opportunities for writers to expand their circle of industry knowledge and experts, as well as grow their readership, whether it’s books or blogs. However, it can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate the ins and outs without a roadmap. This is an advanced Tip Sheet (6 pages) for those who already have a Twitter account and a basic understanding of how Twitter works, but would like to become more adept in using this popular social media platform. Only $4.99.

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