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I have dabbled in writing since I was young but three years ago I got serious about becoming a career writer and have never looked back. I have finished my first novel, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy called The Price We Pay, and I am in the process of getting ready to query/pitch agents and try to find a publisher. I am also working on the first draft of my next novel, called Smart Mouth: a science fiction trilogy about a woman with super powers going up against an ancient being who devours planets.

Last year I got my first publishing credit. My short story "A Stolen Heart" was published on The Writer's Arena and it won the Heist battle. I have two more completed short stories that I am currently submitting for publication.

I write science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance and good old fashioned smut. As a member of the LGBT community I like to write about the experiences of queer characters and to give them happy endings.

I am also looking for a critique group for fun and support and to help me grow my skills as a writer.

I'm a Colorado native currently living in Loveland with my husband and our two children. My hobbies are hiking, gardening, yoga, gaming and of course reading.
.Mostly Fiction and some Non-fiction. I write Novels, short stories and personal essays
Find and agent/ publisher for my first novel The Price We Pay a paranormal romance/ urban fantasy.

I am also looking for a critique group and to find a supportive community of writers.
I am the writer your mother warned you about