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"Reverberations" - Poets responding to a series of art works celebrating black history and civil rights.

  • November 18, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Loveland Museum, 5th and Lincoln, in downtown Loveland

You're invited to a poetry reading, "Reverberations" - Poets responding to a series of art works celebrating black history and civil rights.  

Thursday, November 18

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Live at the Loveland Museum, 5th and Lincoln, in downtown Loveland.

Masks are required and we will allow for social distancing as possible. 

The poets listed below each write in response to a wonderful exhibit at the Museum -- I encourage you to see the show even if you can't attend this reading! 




More about the exhibit: 
 The three series of prints by Jacob Lawrence (1963–2000) are 1) a Toussaint L'Overture series, about the leader in the Haitian revolution, 2) a Genesis series (as presented by a black minister), and 3) a Hiroshima series, created as illustrations for John Hersey's book.


♦ Sauda Mitchellbelow is a link to a photograph of artwork from the Loveland Reporter-Herald (the artists has embedded QR codes in the art that lead to additional archives of the black experience):

Sauda Mitchell speaks of "the many stories that can be found deep within the archival landscape."

♦ Here is a link to the digital photography exhibit, Black & White in Black & White: Images of Dignity, Hope, and Diversity in America

Photographs by African-American photographer John Johnson

The poets who will be reading include: 

   Aaron Abeyta, Eve Bingham, Travis Bugg, Jim Burrell, John Calderazzo, Roger Clark, Grace Gabriel, Lynn Kincanon, Beth Lechleitner, Jack Martin, Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Juan Morales, Evan Oakley, Veronica Patterson, Emily Rodgers-Ramos, Lorrie Wolfe, Lisa Zimmerman.

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