PRESENTER: Cynthia Swanson

Novels set in a “not-so-historical” time period (also called near-history; defined roughly as the middle of the twentieth century) appeal to readers of all ages. Unlike stories that take place during long-ago times, not-so-historical fiction is personal for many readers. What’s involved in writing a story set during a period readers remember or have heard about directly from other generations? How do you ensure accuracy, yet retain the ability to embellish in the interest of story? Cynthia Swanson, author of two bestselling near-history novels (The Bookseller and The Glass Forest) will discuss planning, researching, and writing your near-history novel. Using discussion and exercises, participants will learn how to create and promote successful near-history fiction.

Cynthia will be delivering the opening keynote during the Banquet Dinner Friday, May 3, and is also presenting:

Master Class: Writing and Promoting the "Book Club Book"