Yana MakuwaYana Makuwa studied English and Spanish at Cornell University, with a focus on African American and African diaspora literature, and literary translation. Before joining Graywolf in June 2016, she worked as an intern at Macmillan with the We Need Diverse Books internship program. She is originally from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Graywolf Press publishes relatively few titles a year, so we limit our lists to contemporary (21st century) works of high literary quality that breaks away from or subverts accepted genre conventions. I'm primarily interested in novels and collections of essays and short stories that have a distinct--even experimental--voice and style. I'm also particularly interested in work by writers of color and work in translation. 

Yana is participating in the Agent-Editor Panel Luncheon and Consults, and presenting:

Using Fragmentation and Hybridity in Writing