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Short Bio Lorrie is a poet & a technical writer and grantwriter. She loves the power of words to unite people.
Short Bio I write YA contemporary novels.
Short Bio Aspiring writer from Longmont, CO.
Short Bio I am a fiction writer, working on my first novel Lucy in the Attic, a young adult coming-of-age story. I work in social media marketing and moved to Fort Collins from San Diego. I love yoga, hiking, and mountain biking.
Amy Rivers
Short Bio Boulder-based author of fiction (thrillers, suspense & women's fiction) and personal essays.
April Moore
Short Bio Writer of fiction, non fiction, essays and....never-ending grocery lists.
Short Bio Creating, whether a chicken curry salad, a queen sized quilt, a project for a great grandchild or characters in a novel, propels me forth to each new day.
Short Bio I have a couple projects, but am currently pushing to finish a ghost-written memoir for my great grandmother. In reading, I'm drawn to both futuristic dystopian and historically poignant stories that involve a fight for survival, whether mental or physica
Short Bio I write thrillers.
Short Bio I'm too busy writing to write this bio. More to come... eventually.
Short Bio Carol Van Natta is a USA TODAY bestselling science fiction and fantasy author.
Short Bio Literacy Professor focused on Writing
Short Bio Past NCW Member Liaison: When I'm not fly fishing, I'm writing, submitting essays, stories, poems, and publishing first book of haiku
Short Bio I am a librarian. I write humorous fiction, inane drivel, and cryptic messages. Oh, and some blog posts!
Short Bio I’m a recently retired judge living in Fort Collins and working on short and long fiction.
Short Bio I write because I live. I live because I write.
Diane Fromme
Short Bio My favorite writing is non-fiction about parenting, family stories, and interpersonal relationships.
Short Bio My passions are motorcycling and photography. They give me writing material. In a former life, I wrote how-to technical articles on the e-filing software used by the Wyoming federal court.
Short Bio Christian, Author, Poet, Editor/Proofreader
Short Bio I am an aspiring short story writer. I have written some in the past. Now I need to get them in shape to publish.
Short Bio A writer who is working on his first science fiction/ fantasy novel.
Short Bio Business owner (marketing), newspaper columnist, father of 5, novel writer
Short Bio I am a freelance writer and editor.
Short Bio I enjoy yoga, horseback riding, dog walking, bird-watching, gardening, and taking drives up into the Colorado mountains with my husband.
IA Mullin
Short Bio Fantasy/SciFi author and former Vet Tech.
Jack Matthews
Short Bio Born a long time ago... will die someday.
Short Bio Author of numerous children's books, articles and teacher resources. Also an elementary school teacher.
Short Bio The 2016 Writer in Residence for the High Plains Library District.
Short Bio I love a great story, in any genre.
Short Bio Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for NCW
Short Bio Graphic designer, writer, tennis addict.
Short Bio Fort Collins native, fiction writer, mom, wife, chocoholic...
Short Bio Born with pen. Cried for paper. Now I'm older.
Short Bio Copy editor and proofreader specializing in creative nonfiction and memoirs (blogs to books)! Everyone has a story. Are you ready to tell yours?
Short Bio Working on two novels; What We Let Go and This Story Takes Place in a Bar. I also enjoy writing short stories and the occasional poem. I also write two blogs; and
Short Bio I knew all those conversations I make up in my head would come in handy one day.
Short Bio I'm a former non-fiction writer jumping into the exciting world of fiction. As a native of Fort Collins, Colorado, my writing features women who embody the independent Spirit of the West despite whatever drama Life has thrown their way.
Short Bio I am a freelance writer, writing consultant, author and publisher.
Short Bio Completed first novel. In lots of slush piles gasping for air..
Short Bio I'm an editor, writing coach, and all-around nerd. I love genre fiction, especially fantasy, and would love to help you with your book!
Short Bio Former college professor and research writer, I'm now following my dream of writing young adult novels..
Short Bio Laura Mahal is the NCW Member Liaison. She writes literary fiction and blogs for The Writing Bug.
Short Bio Linnea Tanner Weaves Celtic tales of love, magic, adventure, betrayal, and intrigue into historical fiction in Ancient Rome and Britannia.
Short Bio Author of
Short Bio US Navy Vet, wife, and mother. I love to read and write MG sci-fi stories about super awesome kids and their adventures in outer space!
Short Bio Working on debut novel
Short Bio I am still new to writing and even reading to some degree but have always had a love and passion for storytelling in many forms. I have a deep passion for the creative arts and using various artistic mediums to express and explore the human experience. I
Short Bio I have written my first novel (YA, SciFi) and love to read many different genres.
Marie Sexton
Short Bio Marie Sexton writes gay romance, watches too much TV, and occasionally bleeds orange and blue.
Short Bio I'm a reporter working for KUNC, a NPR affiliate station in Greeley, Colorado. Dog person. Writer and singer.
Megan E. Freeman
Short Bio I write poetry, MG and YA fiction. I used to live in northeast Los Angeles, central Ohio, northern Norway, and on Caribbean cruise ships. Now I live near Boulder, Colorado.
Short Bio Marianne Madson is a new Indie American author whose books have sold worldwide. Her Newest Release M & Dee is a novel based on True Events in her life.
Short Bio Former soldier and academic I write about what could be.
Short Bio Nan is devoting her time to learning more about the art of writing and publishing in the fiction genre.
Short Bio I am the recipient of the Believe Scholarship for 2017, a published newspaper and magazine journalist with a BS in Journalism, an elementary literacy teacher with a MA in Elementary Education and an active member of SCBWI, IWWG and NCW.
Short Bio Memoirist, essayist, poet, former senior editor of Magic City Magazine and Big Sky Bride Magazine in Montana.
Short Bio I am a writer, photographer, and video editor.
Peter Springberg
Short Bio story teller for forty-one years; writer for eight; sometime proofreader
Short Bio Writer. Space Cadet. Father.
Short Bio Patricia writes crime fiction. Her blog focuses on books and authors, the writing life, and furry darlings Katie Cat and Sassy Dog.
Short Bio An excellent editor who can help you with your work.
Short Bio Sally's a technical writer who's recently decided to take her creative writing seriously too (though not too seriously!). She posts original poems on Instagram as @sallyjopoetry.
Short Bio I am a stay-at-home mom of three with a Ph.D. In chemistry. I have done some technical writing in the past. A few years ago I got an idea for a novel and it nagged at me until I finally started to write.
Short Bio I'm an actor, turned director, business owner, NANOWRIMO writer since 2005. I've found many excuses not to write until now. Well, now I got fewer excuses anyway. Like many, I'd like to write for a living.
Short Bio I am finishing my second book in my Southtown Harbor series. I recently had a six-word story published in the Summer 2014 Edition of "From The Depths" penny fiction, entitled "Grandma's Ghost". I am submitting personal essays to local and national runn
Short Bio Writer, teacher, muse launcher!
Short Bio I'm an aspiring writer of children's literature and adult historical fiction. I hail from Fort Collins, CO.
Short Bio I write Science Fiction/Fantasy books with 8 novels and two short story anthologies published in eBook form all over, and hardcopy on Amazon and Createspace. Writing under the pen name Talee.
Short Bio Teresa R. Funke is the author of Remember Wake, an award-winning novel based on a true story from WWII. She is also the author of Dancing in Combat Boots: Stories of American Women in WWII and the Home-Front Heroes series of books for middle-grade readers
Short Bio Tom Flanagan is Chief Technology Officer at The Group Inc. in Fort Collins, CO.
Tracy Hume
Short Bio Tracy Hume is a full-time, professional freelance writer. She specializes in writing articles, case studies and white papers about health information technology. She also ghostwrites books and recently completed a book about the U.S. healthcare system.
Short Bio Writer of suspense and fantasy fiction. Dabbler in poetry.
Short Bio Currently working on a post-apocalyptic novel set in near-future Colorado, about a woman who is pregnant at a very bad time to be pregnant.