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Trai Cartwright | Presenter

Trai Cartwright, MFA, is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and the current president of Women in Film and Media Colorado. While in Los Angeles, she was a screenwriter, independent film producer, and story and business development specialist for 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures and HBO. In Colorado, Trai still produces and writes, including a short film earlier this year and the pilot of a docu-series called Hidden Tigers. She is a screenplay consultant to individual writers, and teaches screenwriting, producing and culturepreneurship for Western State Colorado University’s MFA program, Denver University’s Professional Creative Writing MA, and CU Denver’s film undergrad as well as across Colorado’s surprisingly big and undeniably talented writing community.

Trai has put together a screenwriting track for our conference and will be teaching the following sessions: 

Developing Your Idea Into a Screenplay (or Book)  WORKSHoPDemystify the process--and business--of screenwriting! Developing Your Idea Into a Screenplay (or Book)  is all about applying the 6 key development questions at the heart of every well-executed story. Whether you're just getting started or deep into this fantastic medium, this class helps writers "crack" their story and its themes. We'll discuss mastering the core concept and character creation, and breakdown the story beats of modern screenwriting in detail.

New Media MarketingWhat is New Media and why do we care about it? Quite simply, because online videos gets viewed 600% more than any other marketing method! But how do you develop the best possible digital storytelling campaigns to express who you are and connect with your audience? In this workshop, we’ll discuss the full range of new media marketing mediums you have available and how very simple it is to get started using them.  

Bingeworthy Stories
TV watching has radically changed in the last decade, and it’s all because of the way stories are told. Suddenly we can’t stop ourselves from binge watching! There are very specific reasons why it’s the Golden Age of television, and those exact principles can be used to make our books and screenplays binge-readable, too.  

Beyond 3 Acts
One of the most helpful craft elements a writer can learn is the underlying structure found in nearly every modern movie and commercial novel. Some of these "beats" go back thousands of years; others are fairly new, and this workshop reveals and explains the beats of our modern literary and reading culture. Come learn these powerful tools for supercharging your story with momentum and your characters with purpose.

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