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NCW Anthology

RISE: An Anthology of Change

Rise is collection of prose and poetry exploring the concepts of change, renewal, and rebirth. When things change, we experience a variety of emotions—from anger and fear to courage and hope. There is struggle and strife but also the opportunity to rise from the ashes and create, grow, and love. 

In these pages, you’ll find stories and expressions of joy and sorrow about love, friendship, family, marriage and divorce, loss and grief, the aftermath of natural disaster, and the consequences of our actions, whether momentous or seemingly inconsequential. Change comes to us in many different forms, but we can be inspired by each other to grow in strength, hope, and resilience as together we each face the challenges of change. 

Join us on November 8, 2019 to celebrate the launch of this year's anthology, Rise! Click here for more details. 

The Authors

Jocelyn Ajami • Jonathan Arena • John Blair • Jim Burrell

John Christenson • Frank Coons • Margery Dorfmeister

Mitzi Dorton • Jaclyn Fowler • Megan E. Freeman • Kate Hansen

Millicent Porter Henry • Becky Jensen • Sally Jo • Melanie Kallai

Michael Kanner • Luann Koester • Ellen Kramer • Jim Kroepfl

Suzanne Lee • Katie Lewis • Margaret Maginness

Sandra McGarry • Marilyn K. Moody • Kristin Owens

Kari Redmond • Sarah Reichert • Jennifer Robinson

Belle Schmidt • David Sharp • Billie Holladay Skelley

Cindra Spencer • Sherry Skye Stuart • R.C. Sydney

Greta Tucker • Katherine Valdez • Shelley Widhalm

NCW Anthology Committee

Holly Collingwood, Laura Mahal, Bonnie McKnight, Dean K. Miller,

Sarah Kohls Roberts, Ronda Simmons, Lorrie Wolfe & Amy Rivers

with help from Matthew Starr, Sonja Cassella & Tara Szkutnik. 

Copyright 2019 by Northern Colorado Writers, LLC

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