PRESENTER: Kerrie Flanagan
Friday, May 5, 4:30-5:30

Self-publishing is now a great option for authors who have the drive and commitment to take charge of the destiny of their books and who understand it is a business. If you have made the decision to self-publish your book, there are steps you now need to take to set up your publishing company. Whether you are taking the simple route of using a print on demand company like CreateSpace as your publisher or you want to create your own company LLC, you are setting up your own business.
This session will provide you with the basic steps to setting up your publishing company. We will explore the best publishing platform options (digital and print), look at how to create a company name, go over starting an LLC, talk about where to focus marketing efforts (online or in bookstores), examine basic accounting options and briefly touch on social media and how it fits into your new business. This is a session for those who have already researched self-publishing and understand the basics of how it works.