Do you ever read the Market information in the NCW Write Stuff newsletter and think, “I should submit my writing to one of these contests, magazines, fellowships or publishers?” Then life steps in and you forget all about it. Why not make 2018 the year you follow through. To help you, we have created, The Great NCW Submission Challenge! Not only will it inspire you get your work out there through a little friendly competition, but you will have the chance to win fabulous prizes and your work has the potential to be published. There is no room for slackers in this competition. You must submit every month or you are eliminated.

We all know, the more you submit your writing, the higher the chances are you will get it published. So, why not put your money where your intentions are and join The Great NCW Submission Challenge. You have nothing to lose.

Complete Details & Rules


Monthly Prizes

  • June-Amazon Gift Card
  • July-Starbucks Gift Card
  • August-Etsy Gift Card
  • September-Office Depot Gift Card

Grand Prize

  • Barnes & Noble gift card
  • 3 months added to your NCW membership
  • Starbuck’s gift card
  • Bragging rights forever


 January winner: Amy Rivers

February winner: Laura Mahal

March winner: Paul LeBrun

April Winner: Kari Redmond


June winner: Lorrie Wolfe

July winner: Lorrie Wolfe

August winner:

September winner: