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Baird enjoys spending time in the outdoors and has recently added fly-fishing to her list of favorite activities. She is looking for a publisher for first thriller, Lost on US sOil. Lost on US sOil is about ingénue, Katie Bocar who has developed a technology that has the potential to change America’s dependency on oil forever and reinvigorate the US economy. Right at a critical juncture in contract negotiations, the government cuts funding to her research and someone tries to kill her. Katie Bocar is in for the fight of her life as she attempts to save her research from falling into the wrong hands and learns a family secret that will change her forever. "Lost on U.S. Soil is deeper than the conflict between alternative energies and the power of the oil industry. It's about the struggle of opposing forces in our culture and personal lives," states Baird. She is a full time freelance writer with expertise in marketing, social media and SEO. Two young children, a border collie, an Aussie puppy and a kitten keep her busy when she’s not writing.
Publisher my first novel, Lost on US sOil; freelance opportunities
I have to write or I could not live inside my head.