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D. L. Tiggy (Tiggy)
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I received my M.A. in Human Communication from UNC in Greeley, Colorado. I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After marriage, I moved to Greeley, CO in search of better schooling for my son and daughter. During my fifteen years as adjunct faculty, I taught public speaking and specialized communication courses, in addition to all levels of English at two different community colleges. I also worked for seven years as an editor for a national nonprofit organization. Along with our two mutts, we retired to the Crystal Lakes area, northwest of Red Feather Lakes, CO. The mountain will be our final forever home. Nature and wildlife speak God’s living messages that enrich every day of my life on the beloved grounds of my mountain.
creative nonfiction narratives
Beyond memoire, my current book includes outdoor adventures, interpersonal communication quirks, and spiritual inspiration sprouting from nature with glints of humor along the trail. Each chapter is crafted in candid, walk in my shoes fashion in hopes of promoting self-recognition within trivial and harsh events arising in life.
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