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Mission Statement

Whether or not writing is your profession, chances are, it's also your passion. NCW recognizes and understands how important it is to foster this passion. Aside from our own writing, our other passion is to create a supportive and encouraging community where writers can inspire one another to become successful authors. NCW is comprised of novelists, journalists, memoirists, poets, screenwriters, bloggers, children's book writers, and many more--all at varying levels, so regardless of there you are in your writing journey (published or not), you have a place here in NCW.  We also understand, due to the nature of a creative's life, memberships, classes, and other writing events just aren’t in the budget; we don't want that to be a heavy burden (writing itself can be tough enough)! That's why we offer a $4 month-to-month membership. It is our hope, these reduced rates will allow writers to take part in classes, events, retreats, and our annual conference, where valuable learning, support, and comraderie takes place. We'd love to have you join our welcoming community to further your literary goals!

~April Moore, NCW Director 

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