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Patricia Schudy (Wordplay)
Katherine Schultz (
Paul Schumacher (pgschuey)
Shari Schwarz (csschwarz)
Andy Segal (Segaland62)
Short Bio: I'm an actor, turned director, business owner, NANOWRIMO writer since 2005. I've found many excuses not to write until now. Well, now I got fewer excuses anyway. Like many, I'd like to write for a living.
jackie sexson (jasexson)
Marie Sexton (Marie Sexton)
Short Bio: Marie Sexton writes gay romance, watches too much TV, and occasionally bleeds orange and blue.
David Sharp (desharp)
Short Bio: I am a librarian. I write humorous fiction and short articles.
Shannon Sharrock (SSharrock)
Short Bio: I'm an aspiring writer of children's literature and adult historical fiction. I hail from Fort Collins, CO.
Mark Shaw (
Ronda Simmons (Ronda-no-H)
Joe Siple (joesiple)
Julina Small (Julina)
Brandy Smith (Bsmith01)
Linda Solaya (linda.solaya)
Short Bio: Just getting started!
Peter Springberg (Peter Springberg)
Short Bio: story teller for forty-one years; writer for eight; sometime proofreader
Mary Ellen Spurr (maryellenblackwood)
Kathy St Onge (
Joanna Stensland (JoStensland)
Faith Sternlieb (faithrs)
Short Bio: I have hard evidence that dreams can become reality. I will never stop dreaming.
Heather Stirnweis (Heather)
Patricia Stoltey (pstoltey)
Short Bio: Patricia writes crime fiction. Her blog focuses on books and authors, and Katie Cat.
Carol Strazer (carols)
Dave Strege (dstrege)
Ilea Sullivan (Isullivan)
Jenny Sundstedt (JenSun)
Short Bio: Fort Collins native, fiction writer, mom, wife, chocoholic...
Linnea Tanner (
Short Bio: Linnea Tanner Weaves Celtic tales of love, magic, adventure, betrayal, and intrigue into historical fiction in Ancient Rome and Britannia.
Recurrent Test (Recurrent_Test)
M.K. Theodoratus (KTheo)
Tonya Thornton (