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Kristin Owens (kristinowens)
Short Bio: Completed first novel. In lots of slush piles gasping for air..
Michael Penner (Flashpaper)
Lexi Powers (llpowers18)
J.D. Raney (
Paige Raph (peraph)
Short Bio: I am a writer, photographer, and video editor.
Nanci Rathbun (nancir)
Rachel Rebecca (r2squared)
Rachael Redman (rae_up_north)
Kari Redmond (kari12)
Short Bio: Working on two novels; What We Let Go and This Story Takes Place in a Bar. I also enjoy writing short stories and the occasional poem. I also write two blogs; and
Nancy L. Reed (Nan)
Short Bio: Nan is devoting her time to learning more about the art of writing and publishing in the fiction genre.
Sarah Reichert (sereichert)
Short Bio: I am finishing my second book in my Southtown Harbor series. I recently had a six-word story published in the Summer 2014 Edition of "From The Depths" penny fiction, entitled "Grandma's Ghost". I am submitting personal essays to local and national runn
Jaydine Rendall (Jaydine)
Short Bio: The 2016 Writer in Residence for the High Plains Library District.
Patty Rettig (prettig)
Susan Richardson (setaspell)
Amy Rivers (arivers57)
Short Bio: Boulder-based author of fiction (women's fiction & suspense) and personal essays.
Sarah Roberts (sarahlkr)
Short Bio: I am a stay-at-home mom of three with a Ph.D. In chemistry. I have done some technical writing in the past. A few years ago I got an idea for a novel and it nagged at me until I finally started to write.
Karen Robertson (Karen20)
Short Bio: Technology Manager and technical writer by day. Young adult author wanna be by night.
Karen Rose (krose)
Frances Rosenfeld (Franchi)
Short Bio: I am an aspiring short story writer. I have written some in the past. Now I need to get them in shape to publish.
Kelley Santillana (Ksantillana)
Jennifer Schafer (Jen)
Short Bio: Graphic designer, writer, tennis addict.
Belle Schmidt (bellemarie41)
Paul "Skip" Scholz (Duke#1)
Patricia Schudy (Wordplay)
Paul Schumacher (pgschuey)
Shari Schwarz (csschwarz)
Penny Leigh Sebring (copperchange)
Short Bio: I'm too busy writing to write this bio. More to come... eventually.
Andy Segal (Segaland62)
Short Bio: I'm an actor, turned director, business owner, NANOWRIMO writer since 2005. I've found many excuses not to write until now. Well, now I got fewer excuses anyway. Like many, I'd like to write for a living.
jackie sexson (jasexson)
Marie Sexton (Marie Sexton)
Short Bio: Marie Sexton writes gay romance, watches too much TV, and occasionally bleeds orange and blue.