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Barbara Marshak (Barbara Marshak)
Short Bio: Barbara Marshak is the author of three books and over 150 published pieces. Her award-winning essays and short stories have been featured in regional periodicals all over the Midwest.
Amanda Martinek (amanda.martinek)
Short Bio: Southern California --> Fort Collins. I like and write short stories or creative non-fiction. Themes include family dynamics, rock n roll, the body, alcoholism and nature.
Jack Matthews (Jack Matthews)
Short Bio: Old dog learning new tricks.
Robert McBreaty (Robert McBrearty)
James McCormack (jemccor)
Bob McDonell (wordsbybob)
Laura McFadden (LauraM)
Short Bio: Former college professor and research writer, I'm now following my dream of writing young adult novels..
Jason Meadors (Jason Meadors)
Kathy Mendt (kmendt)
Marge Mercurio (Margekatherine)
Rachel Metzgar (rachelmae2)
Doris Miller (Queengracie)
Mandy Miller (MandyMiller)
Glenn Miller (glennbmiller)
Dean Miller (DeankMiller)
Short Bio: Past NCW Member Liaison: When I'm not fly fishing, I'm writing, submitting essays, stories, poems, and publishing first book of haiku
Stella Milligan (smmilligan)
Luke Molzer (lukemolzer)
Short Bio: I am still new to writing and even reading to some degree but have always had a love and passion for storytelling in many forms. I have a deep passion for the creative arts and using various artistic mediums to express and explore the human experience. I
Issa Mullin (IA Mullin)
Short Bio: Fantasy/SciFi author and former Vet Tech.
Jane Nicolet (nicolet)
Deborah Nielsen (dlnielsen)
Short Bio: My passions are motorcycling and photography. They give me writing material. In a former life, I wrote how-to technical articles on the e-filing software used by the Wyoming federal court.
Riley Odell (rcodell)
Jeffrey Olson (WitOfZaphkiel)
Kristin Owens (kristinowens)
Short Bio: Completed first novel.
Ben Parker (BPark93)
Matthew Perkins (MatthewKPerkins)
Cheryl Perry (perryclp)
Julia Pillard (jcpillard)
Jonathan Plaisted (Gilton)
Lexi Powers (llpowers18)
Erin Price (ErinBeeP)