PRESENTER: Alicia Clancy
Saturday, May 6, 11:00-12:00

The traditional publishing industry can be a whirlwind of activities from querying to finding an editor to finally releasing the book. Alicia Clancy, Assistant Editor for St. Martin's Press will walk attendees through the exciting, yet at times, complicated process of working with a traditional publisher. 

Early Stages
• Things you can do to make yourself more appealing/building a social media platform

Finding an agent
• Query letters
• Synopsis
• How to decide which agents to pitch?

Finding a publisher
• Agent pitching process to publishers
• Calls/meetings
• How long it really takes?
• Advances/Rights/Contracts

Once you’ve sold your book
• Editorial process with editor
• Marketing (incl. social media)
• Publicity
• Sales
• Production process
• Blurbs/ Trade Reviews
• Conferences/book store events/blog tours

What’s next?
• Multiple formats? Will my book live on?
• When to start writing your next book?
• Sales track