HaikuforYouDuring various times at the conference, NCW member and Haiku For You Project creator Dean K Miller will be available to create your personalized haiku poem. Simply provide a topic or subject matter you think would make an enjoyable haiku and keepsake. (One or two words is all that is needed.) If the Haiku For You Project table is unmanned, leave your topic in the suggestion box on the table.

Upon receiving your request, Miller will create a standard 5-7-5 syllabic haiku poem based on your topic suggestion. The poem will be typed on an embossed card (about 3 minutes later) enclosed in an envelope and returned to you. The best part: there is no charge for your unique haiku. Simply make your request and let The Haiku For You Project do the rest. Together we will create a book as all poems created at the conference will be included in The Haiku For You Project: Volume I book, which will be published when the project creates 500 haiku poems.